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FT Event Project Manager

Can be a job share position


Pay: $30/hour for 2,025 hours 

Perks: $100/month for personal cell and computer use

We are hiring an experienced events project manager to support the implementation of a pre-established work plan and execute all tasks leading up to and including our in-person national assembly that is to take place in May of 2023. This role requires excellent event-planning skills along with the ability to meet deadlines, take direction from the board, stay within the parameters of the budget, work with external contractors and stakeholders to ensure successful activities and events that meet the grants goals and expectations.

General duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the project adheres to timelines and deliverables.

  • Work closely with the outreach/community liaison and steering committee.

  • Ensuring documentation is maintained throughout the length of the project.

  • Communicating plans, actions, risks, and issues with key stakeholders and the steering committee.

  • Solving any issues that may arise during the project.

  • Asking for help when help is needed.

  • Managing and building relationships with multiple stakeholders. 

  • Ensuring that work plan tasks are met with success respecting a quarterly budget. 

  • Managing event logistics for the Assembly and activities leading up to it

  • Producing progress reports for the board and steering committee. 

  • Maintaining confidentiality and is reliable.

Specific duties and responsibilities:

(applicant need not be bilingual)

  • Organize two bilingual National Town Hall Meetings (virtual).

  • Organize six bilingual national workshops (3-4 hours each) (virtual).

  • Organize two bilingual national networking sessions (virtual).

  • Organize a 3 day national assembly in May of 2023 with approximately 250 people in attendance.

  • Analyze project data and submit an education resource tool. 

  • Liasing with guest speakers/panelists.

  • Ensure the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is marketed properly.


Qualifications: 2 - 3 years experience and has successfully organized events.

To apply please email:

PT Outreach & Community Liaison

Can be a job share position


Pay: $25/hour for 900 hours 

Perks: $100/month for personal cell and computer use

We are hiring an outreach and community liaison to follow a pre-established work plan that includes reaching out to at least 25 sex work organizations throughout the country to engage their participation in an Assembly planned for May of 2023 and all activities leading up to it.  This role requires excellent communication and organizational skills, especially in building community connections and relationships and solving community concerns with a wide variety of people. They also should be significantly involved in the communities they serve or have an accurate understanding of the sex industry. Preference will be given to those who have experience in the industry and/or who understands French.


General duties and responsibilities:

  • Outreach and engage community groups across the country 

  • Work closely with the Event Project Manager and steering committee.

  • Collaborate with community organizations and talk about their needs and concerns.

  • Creates social media posts and coordinate bilingual social media posts.

  • Administrative tasks.

  • Exercise considerable tact and courtesy in frequent contact with the public.

  • Maintain confidentiality and is reliable.

Specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Social media posts.

  • Outreach and engage sex worker organizations accross the country about our Assembly and all activities leading up to it.

  • Help coordinate activities leading up to the Assembly

  • Respect and meet the demands of our pre-established workplan on time and on budget.

  • Coordinate communication with translators and interpreters and those participating in our events. 

  • Assist in the administrative tasks related to planning workshops, town halls, networking sessions and the Assembly.

  • Assisting with an educational resource tool.

Qualifications: excellent communication, outreach and organizational skills.

To apply please email: