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Stigma, marginalization, criminalization all contribute to a societal lack of empathy and care that in turn, serve to push sex workers to take chances in order to survive the day.  Unfortunately, in the most extreme of these cases, violence and homicide result.

Sex workers cases are the most likely to go unreported, under-reported and unsolved.  Not only does no one care, but currently, many are not reported as murdered sex workers, out of respect for the victim's families.

The unintended consequence of this lack of data is that sex workers are not apprised of the dangers of active violent offenders and serial killers that may be preying upon them.

Decriminalization and destigmatization by the Federal Government would indicate that Canadians care about sex workers.  The result of this type of messaging would elevate the status of the sex worker to that of other members of society.  Sex workers deserve human rights.  Sex workers deserve the respect, inclusion and understanding of society, the appreciation of their autonomous choices, and the deliverance from harm.

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