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SEX WORK IS WORK: Bias Prevention Training 


Next date for public training: June 17, 2024 from 1 - 3:15 pm MST

Public and private sex work inclusivity training offered in Canada! Written, produced and presented by sex workers - nothing about us, without us!

This 2 hr virtual training ​is designed to challenge the biases and stigma surrounding sex work. Through a deep exploration on the industry's complexities, our program aims to dismantle long-standing misconceptions and counteract the unfair judgments that have marginalized sex workers for too long.

We start by distinguishing personal bias from societal stigma, setting our sights on disrupting the cycle that undermines the value of sex workers. Our mission? To elevate the recognition of sex work as a legitimate and respectable form of employment.

Our objectives include:

  • Critically examining and challenging our own biases.

  • Reinforcing the legitimacy of sex work.

  • Navigating and clarifying the legal frameworks impacting sex work, particularly the harmful effects of criminalization.

  • Highlighting the road to decriminalization to enhance the safety and rights of sex workers.

  • Empowering participants to become stronger allies.


This training is more than an educational journey; it's a call to action to work towards an inclusive and just environment that upholds the dignity, respect, and rights of sex workers. 

Originally developed to raise awareness among vetted professionals within our sex worker allied directory, this program helps ensure a safer space for sex workers.

Each session ends with an opportunity to ask all your burning questions to a panel of sex workers. 

To hear from those who have taken it before, listen to our podcast episode here!

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"For somebody who does not have experience working with sex workers I felt like the presentation was a great starting point that provided me with some basic knowledge about sex work - what was really clear was:

1) the definition of sex work

2) stigma around sex work

3) the range of needs for sex workers (challenging the idea of 'saving' sex workers)

4) the diversity of work in the sex industry and recognizing that different people would have different needs

5) learning that collecting data about sex work is difficult"

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"The training is for anybody who wants to be a good ally. Anyone who wants to learn something about sex work...As a queer, woman, who was raised in a very very open minded household, I was like, 'I don't need to take the training! I'm an amazing ally!' And then I took the training and was like, 'I am a terrible ally!' 

I have learned so much and have to re-tailor all of my thinking!"

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.10.51 AM.png

"I think the way the present the information is really easy. They make it so that you can see it from their perspective, which is great. And sometimes having it in a more light hearted scenario, I think sometimes helps things. It makes it more of a conversation and easier to ask those questions." 


Sign-up for our Training!

While this training is Canadian based, there is something people from all over the world can take from it. We have had people from Germany to Australia take it!

The training is based on donations. While we recommend a donation of $20.00, please know that we welcome and appreciate contributions of any amount. 

If money is a barrier to you please reach out and we will assess subsidized costs on a case-by-case basis. 

Sex Work is Work: The Podcast

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Listen to our podcast episode all about the training! 

Hear from a select few who have taken ANSWER Society’s Sex Work is Work Bias Prevention Training. Being a good ally is something anyone can do and is always ongoing. Hear from some volunteers, psychologists and councillors as to all the things they learned taking our fabulous training.

Looking for Private Training? 

Private sessions are currently offered virtually for our basic training for $800, accommodating groups of up to 150 participants. For a more personalized experience, our tailored training option is offered starting at $1,500, designed to meet your unique needs. We also now offer in-person training! Please reach out to us to discuss available dates, pricing and customization options.

We also offer consultation for inclusivity of boards, committees, surveys, projects and more for those who wish to be more inclusive of marginalized communities, such as sex workers. 

Contact us!



(825) 436-9560



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