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The Alberta Government cut funding to all provincial Sexual Assault Centers.  Please write to your MLA (cut and paste letter below) to denounce the UPC decision.

SACE has a letter here to cut and paste and send to your MLA or you can send the one below.

Dear MLA (insert name) Find Your MLA Here


We were shocked to hear that all Sexual Assault Centers have been left out of the provincial budget and we wonder if you are aware that sexual assault happens with frequency and survivors need all the help they can get in order to move on with their lives.

Sexual assault, abuse, and harrassment happens to victims of any age, from infancy to old age. Sexual violence is is a societal issue that communities have a responsibility to address and it is through the combined efforts of community members, including volunteers, leaders and especially funders, that cultural change will be fostered and sustained.


Sexual Assault Centers help victims needing help to heal.  Survivors need to know that they are not at fault and will be supported.  members of our community are also occasionally in need of services offered by sexual assault center to help them survive traumatic experience.


The funding of Sexual Assault Centers is essential to victims and financial barriers should not prevent people from receiving specialized support services.  


We hope that this was an errant decision that will be quickly rectified because anything otherwise would be unthinkable.


Most sincerely,


(your name here)

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