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Memberships are a great way to receive perks, support the organization and have a say in the workings of their activities! It shows a public interest and ongoing support of our cause.

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Regular Member

Regular members get a vote!

If you become a regular member you are entitled to notice of ANSWER Society Meeting of Members and get to vote, as such it is a dedication to come to the, often, once a year meetings. These meetings occur virtually, so you can tune in from anywhere.

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Ally Member

Non-Voting Member / Ally Members are VIP!

Non-Voting Member / Ally Members are great for those who wish to support ANSWER Society, but may have hesitance around showing their identification or being involved in the governance of the organization.

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Honorary Member

The Board may award Honorary Membership to any individual who: 


  1. Has demonstrated leadership in the Purposes and Objectives of ANSWERS; and/or

  2. Has actively supported ANSWERS through in-kind services, financial 

  3. Contributions, or long-term membership; and/or 

  4. Wishes to be an Honorary Member. 




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Along with contributing to the longevity of the community,
your membership comes with some pretty great perks!

Check out the infographic to decide which membership tier
is right for you!

How To Become A Member 

There are three simple steps to becoming an ANSWER Society member!

Fill out our Membership Form

Fill out our membership form to begin the process:

Pay Your Membership Fees

Only Allies are required to pay membership fees. It is optional for current and retired SWers. 

Fees are on a sliding scale from $5.00 a month and up. They can be paid monthly or in one lump yearly payment. 

Complete Your Registration

Complete your membership registration by following the steps in the registration package. 


Check out below for more information on the membership types - or reach out!

Membership Breakdown 

Memebership Details


(825) 436-9560



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