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Training for allies and those curious about the Sex Work Industry


We offer ‘Sex Work is Work Bias Prevention’ training. It's a 1.5 hour training (virtual or in person) providing information on the sex work industry including the stigmas that comes along with it. It encourages folks to do bias checking and become more aware of the truths rather than the myths of sex work.

We created it to bring more awareness to the professionals we vetted who are a part of our sex worker allied directory ensuring it is a safe space for sex workers. We now have some folks taking it from across the country who want to learn more about this industry.

Recommended Donations for Consulting/Training Fees:

Eager to learn individuals:                             $5 - $25

Small Groups (6-8 people)                             $125.00

Small Class (9-25 people)                              $250.00

Corporations/Government Groups:                $500.00

One on One Consulting                                  $50/hour

Some of the main takeaways and feedback from folks who have taken our training:


“Stigma is a huge barrier and is a cause of many of the negative impacts in sex work. Sex work is a consensual exchange between adults and is not the same as sex trafficking. Many different people get into sex work for many different reasons.”


“Sex work is work just like any other career, however, there are significant barriers and stigma associated with the work that make it more difficult to pursue or engage in.”


“For somebody who does not have experience working with sex workers I felt like the presentation was a great starting point that provided me with some basic knowledge about sex work - what was really clear was 1) the definition of sex work 2) stigma around sex work 3) the range of needs for sex workers (challenging the idea of 'saving' sex workers) 4) the diversity of work in the sex industry and recognizing that different people would have different needs 5) learning that collecting data about sex work is difficult”


“Terrific presentation. It will definitely educate people on the nature of sex work and myths/biases that they hold.”


“Honestly it was such a great introductory type workshop that I think could easily be a full day training seminar - with more time there could have opportunities for group exercises regarding personal bias and challenge perceptions. I also feel like this workshop sparked more curiosity about wanting to learn more.”


“I very much appreciated the opportunity to learn more and expand my understanding.”


Training is provided on a donation basis. We normally offer this once a month. A date for our next training session will soon be set. Please fill out this form to register or email 


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