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We rely on public support to keep our doors open and services running!

There are many ways you can donate to ANSWER Society:

Donations of Greatest Need: 

Support Services


Operation Costs

We are always looking for grants, sponsorships, donations and connections. If you have something to offer to our organization please reach out!

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One Time Donations

Make a one time donation whenever you can! 

Decide where your money goes in the organization, or a general donation for the greatest need.

You can also send an etransfer to

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Ongoing Donations

One time donations are amazing, but reoccurring donations help us plan for the future!


Please consider becoming a ongoing donor for as little as $5.00 a month!

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Become a Member

Become a member and through your membership fees you will help ANSWER Society grow! 


Get the perks that come with it the different membership tiers.

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Sex Work is Work: Bias Prevention Training

Come educate yourself in a safe environment, and learn how to be a better ally to sex workers in your professional and everyday life. 

This training is offered virtually and is open to the public, as well as available for private training upon request. 

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Help us fund our second season of Sex Work is Work: The Podcast!

Become a patron and get the episodes for second 2 early, as well as some sexy prizes!

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IF you prefer Paypal, please make your donation payable to and then please email us to let us know at  Thank you so much!


(825) 436-9560



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