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Advocacy Normalizing Sex Work through Education and Resources Society



As a Volunteer of ANSWERS, I believe in and will continually advocate for and support

the purposes of our organization:

1. To promote health by providing support services, outreach, education,

knowledge and mentorship to sex workers experiencing physical, mental and

emotional distress.

2. To relieve poverty by providing financial aid, food and basic necessities of life

to sex workers in Edmonton and the surrounding area, who are experiencing

significant economic hardship.

3. To advance education and promote health by providing resources, research and

training to sex workers, law enforcement, health care workers, teachers, social

workers and the public that will: create a shared understanding of the

important differences between sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and sex

work; eliminate the stigma, discrimination and physical, mental, social and

emotional harm associated with sex work by choice and necessity; and build

healthy and safe communities of practice for all sex workers.

4. To advocate for better quality of life, safer working conditions and

decriminalization of sex work through building and actively promoting positive

and collaborative relationships and alliances with the public, community

organizations, law enforcement and all levels of government.


As a Volunteer, I promise I will do the following:

Try to continually learn about all aspects of the sex work industry, the

reasons for decriminalization and the difference between consensual sex

work and exploitation

Be present at the agreed times and tell someone as far in advance as

possible if I cannot be present

Carry out my volunteer duties and responsibilities to the best of my abilities

and in the best interests of ANSWERS’ as a whole

Behave positively, sensitively and respectfully and avoid behaviours that

could be considered attacking, defensive, harassment or discrimination

Recognise and respect different opinions, roles, contributions, experience

and skills

Learn about the laws and policies that volunteers of ANSWERS need to




Advocacy Normalizing Sex Work through Education and Resources Society

Positively build and maintain ANSWERS’ reputation

Work collaboratively with other volunteers

Respect the privacy of every person and only use personal and confidential

information for the purposes for which it was intended

Only use ANSWERS’ property, resources, information, intellectual property

or funds for purposes of ANSWERS and in compliance with the law

Maintain the confidentiality of any personal or business information I get

while volunteering

Notify ANSWERS about unsafe volunteer or work conditions

Notify ANSWERS about any accident, incident or property damage

Notify ANSWERS if I have any conflict of interest so we can decide together

how best to protect ANSWERS – i.e. Something that would appear to others

(even if it isn’t actually) as an external influence on me that may affect my

work with ANSWERS and the reputation of ANSWERS

Only make positive statements about ANSWERS that: are in support of the

purposes listed above, and that raise the profile of ANSWERS to the public –

on social media, internet sites, with members, with other organizations and

with the public

Be honest about information I provide to ANSWERS and on behalf of


Take reasonable direction from an authorized representative of ANSWERS

I, ____________________________________, have read and initialed both pages of this

Volunteer Member Oath and understand all my promises. I agree to comply with the

Oath during my time as a Volunteer and understand that I have to keep all personal

and confidential information confidential forever or until ANSWERS makes the

information public.

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