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ANSWER SOCIETY condemns human trafficking but we have also done research and we have found that most anti-human trafficking groups conflate consensual sex work with sex trafficking, most likely to make their mission's importance appear more prominent.  Our research to date has only found one group that does not conflate sex work and sex trafficking and we believe that The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta does outstanding work!

Our research has shown that Nova Scotia experiences the highest level of human trafficking (in 2018) at one person per 100,000 which is 0.001%

Consider that in Canada there are approximately 50000 sex workers that are working willingly.  The number of actual victims are so rare that the collective staff at ANSWER Society have never knowingly met a trafficked victim. As such, it is not in our purview to offer services to this segment of the population.

Should you discover someone you know is a victim of human or sex trafficking please either call 911 or contact:


The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta

Edmonton (and northern Alberta)



Calgary (and southern Alberta)



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