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Sophie H. (she/her)

Co-founder, Treasurer, Director of ANSWERS' Sex Work is Work Bias Prevention training, mother, retired sex worker, activist, volunteer. Building bridges; removing barriers. 

Jessica C avatar.jpg

Jessica, lawyer, ally,  Advocate

andrew avatar.jpg

Andrew he/him Sex worker (escort, body rub for 20 years.  Advocate


Tara, she/her, President, sex worker ally/Support worker, harm reducation enthusiast, mother


Elise, she/her, activist, ally, communicator, chronically online


sinomin avatar.png

Mars, they/them, sex worker, advocate, volunteer 



Sarah, she/her, sex worker, Advocate, Crisis Worker, Suicide Intervention specialist 

Celena avatar.jpg

Celena, she/her, Sex Worker, Financial savant,  Advocate, volunteer

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