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Advocacy Normalizing Sex Work through Education and Resources Society (ANSWERS)®




Alberta has an amazing new Not for Profit Society run by sex workers, for sex workers. ANSWERS was formally registered on November 25, 2020 and is an inclusive outreach organization offering services & support to all sex workers.  We advocate for better living and working conditions for sex workers across Alberta. We mentor and support individuals in financial management, personal health and safety and housing. We want to connect and partner with organizational and governmental allies to bust outdated myths and misinformation; and work toward decriminalization and destigmatization for the over 50,000 sex workers who live and work in Canada.  

During this pandemic, ANSWERS helps sex workers by offering supports, subsidized counselling and accounting services, and a respite space for sex workers.

These support services are funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada


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Our Purposes:


We promote health by providing support services, outreach, education, knowledge and mentorship to sex workers experiencing physical, mental and emotional distress.


We relieve poverty by providing financial aid, food and basic necessities of life to sex workers in Edmonton and the surrounding area, who are experiencing significant economic hardship.


We advance education and promote health by providing resources, research and training to sex workers, law enforcement, health care workers, teachers, social workers and the public that will: create a shared understanding of the important differences between sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and sex work; eliminate the stigma, discrimination and physical, mental, social and emotional harm associated with sex work by choice and necessity; and build healthy and safe communities of practice for all sex workers.

We advocate for better quality of life, safer working conditions and decriminalization of sex work through building and actively promoting positive and collaborative relationships and alliances with the public, community organizations, law enforcement and all levels of government.


Advocacy Normalizing Sex Work through Education and Resources Society (ANSWERS)®

Edmonton, Alberta                    

Email:  (English liaison) (French Liaison)


Call/Text 825-436-9560

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