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Our Services

ANSWERS is continuously working to support sex workers in Alberta in various areas. You'll find below descriptions of services we are currently offering. To sign up for any of these services, please fill up this form.

Counseling Services

Subsidized counseling services, including art therapy from vetted professionals who understand the industry. Sex workers can have up to 5 session vouchers, covering up to 100% of costs.

Financial Relief

Financial aid via Visa, grocery, or restaurant gift cards to help sex workers cover some of their daily expenses, in denominations of $25, $50, or $100. 

Health Benefits

Up to $300 coverage per sex worker per year for treatments related to physical and mental health (including medication, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, massage therapy, dental and optical costs, prosthetics, etc.)

Assistance with licensing fees and application assistance for body rub practitioners, escorts, 

Assistance with licensing fees coverage for body rub practitioners, escorts, and exotic dancers in Edmonton, AB.

Accounting Services

Subsidized accounting services from vetted professionals who understand the industry. For taxes, sex workers can file back up to 5 years, and service costs are covered up to 75%.

Art Therapy

Monthly two-hour online open Art Studio group sessions to help build community connections and improve mental wellness along with a supportive network. No artistic experience needed! Supplies provided while quantities last.  

Respite Space

Access during the day and evening to a respite space on Whyte avenue, in Edmonton, with a computer, printer/scanner, a place to rest, a library, safe sex products, and second hand lingerie, PPE, and other resources.

Support group program, regardless of substance of choice, geared towards offering a service devoid of anti-sex work(er) stigma and bias.

Future Services

We are always looking at future services to offer our sex worker community!

  • Legal Aid Financial Assistance

  • Allied Landlords Referrals

  • Housing Costs Assistance

  • Childcare Fees Assistance

Have any suggestions you'd like us to consider? Let us know!

Read some of what sex workers who have used our services had to say

"It was nice to access counseling without the financial burden as well as some supplemental gift cards for groceries or other necessities."

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I do have coverage through my First Nations status card but all the therapy places that take my Treaty card have a 2 year waiting list. The counsellor I saw is so amazing and I honestly feel so much better just from even one session."

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