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Support Services

ANSWERS is continuously working to support sex workers in Alberta in various areas. You'll find below descriptions of services we are currently offering. 

Respite Space

Access during the day and evening to a respite space on Whyte avenue, in Edmonton, with a computer, printer/scanner, a place to rest, a library, safe sex products, and second hand lingerie, PPE, and other resources.

For comprehensive access to government and community resources, as well as documents for government benefits applications in Alberta. 


From vital community partnerships to assistance with housing, healthcare, legal aid, and income support. 


A public directory of vetted professionals to ensure a safer space for sex workers to receive services in a welcoming and non-judgemental way. To access our private directory please email

The City of Edmonton licences sex workers that work in-call body rub centres, erotic dance bars or as outcall escorts. Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to obtain your licence to work in the City of Edmonton.

Stigma Free STI Testing for Sex Workers at the HIV Clinic in Edmonton. The client is always in control of what they want to be tested for.

Testing can be kept anonymous, pseudonyms/working names are ok to test under. Samples can be self-collected.

We often conduct the testing at our respite space as well, stay tuned to our social media for latests dates!

Birth Control Centre: 10030 107th St (north tower, 4th floor)

Call at (780) 735-0010


They provide free birth control support for folks who need it. Women's Health Options (abortion clinic) can remove IUDs if the BCC can't help.

Current Services Available 

Our support services are open to anyone who identifies as a current or retired sex worker or erotic laborer, lives in Alberta, and is 18 or over. 

Please note : the majority of our support services are currently on pause due to limited funding, and the availability of support services may change at any time. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any financial assistance in the foreseeable future.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.10.51 AM.png

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I do have coverage through my First Nations status card but all the therapy places that take my Treaty card have a 2 year waiting list. The counsellor I saw is so amazing and I honestly feel so much better just from even one session

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.11.10 AM.png

"I had hit a road block financially and had run out of money, the gift cards for gas and food saved me and I was able to transition to a better financial space... also the support from ANSWERS in terms of chatting over the phone helped me to feel safe and heard - so so integral to getting myself back up on my feet again!"

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.10.47 AM.png

Had put off filing taxes for four years because I was unsure who to ask for help. I have a few mental health issues and have trouble with Math and organization (that’s resulted in taxes being a mess and having to pay tons in late fees etc). This was God sent!

Services On Pause 

We are continously looking for financial opportunities and support to reinstate our temporarily paused services. If you would like to collaborate or know of an opportunity please reach out!

SUBSIDIZED Counselling  (although we will happily give you a referral)

SUBSIDIZED Accounting  (although we can give you a referral to a vetted sex worker friendly accountant)

FINANCIAL Assistance
ART Therapy

HEALTH Benefits


RENT Relief


(825) 436-9560



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