Sex Worker Ally Directory

Welcome to our public directory of vetted professionals to ensure a safe space for sex workers to receive services in a welcoming and non-judgemental way. We also have an internal directory so please inquire to see the full directory. 



Registered Provisional Psychologist, MC, BA

While I specialize in trauma, I ultimately am person-centred and sex positive. This means I am happy to work with you and any concern you might have. Whether that is related to sex work or not. I will look at you and work with you as a whole, rather than focusing on one part of you.

Edmonton, AB


Online Counselling and Art Therapy, RCAT

Registered Canadian Art Therapist, Nikki Featherstone, holds space for you while guiding you through important life and internal events. Art therapy counselling is an effective therapy for all types of people looking for pathways to mental health and wellness. Her therapeutic approach is: feminist, anti-oppressive, person-centered, spiritually integrated, and trauma informed. Special populations: women, femme identified humans, SWs, queer, 2SLGBTQ+, poly/non-monogamous couples & families; minority faith groups (i.e. paganism, eclectic spiritual faith traditions, etc.)

Hay Lakes, AB


Cathy Danilec she|her|hers

Online Counselling and Art Therapy, MPS-AT, CCC

I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy and Spirituality with a specialization in Art Therapy. My training has allowed me to become a Certified Canadian Counsellor and a professional member of both the Canadian Art Therapy Association and the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta. For me, working as a therapist is a privilege and I am dedicated to cultivating a nonjudgmental and inclusive therapeutic environment, building genuine relationships, and supporting individuals to reach their personal goals.

Edmonton, AB


Online Art Therapy, DKATI

I am a professional Clinical Art Therapist, mixed media artist, and mother of three grown children. I bring the ideals of empowerment, empathy and compassion into all of my work. I work within a feminist framework, believing wholeheartedly that we are all valuable members of our community and should be treated with respect and non-judgement. The focus of my art therapy practice is positive art therapy which builds on the principles of positive psychology. I consider myself to be an ally of those in the sex work profession having conducted art therapy with women who have been sex workers. Positive art therapy has made it easier to develop a sense of self through the exploration of personal strengths thereby empowering women to work through deep rooted life challenges.

Calgary, AB


Art Therapy, BA, DKATI

I am a Métis woman and professionally trained Art Therapist practicing in Calgary, AB. I work from an Indigenous and relational lens, often integrating traditional healing ways and art forms into the sessions, such as using storytelling, beadwork, smudging, and even attending ceremony with my clients. I strive to create safe and sacred space for all peoples to heal and grow.

Calgary, AB


Art Therapy, MA-AT, CCC

"When words are not enough to express how we feel, we make art". 
Art Therapy is a mental health service that helps clients express themselves through the art making process. Your Art Therapist Jenn, will help guide you through your healing session. Each session is tailor made for the clients unique and individual needs. Jenn works to ensure that each client feels heard, seen, validated and supported. No prior art skills are required.

Calgary, AB

Life Coach


Angel Sumka they|them

Life Coaching, Certified Sex Coach

Angel offers sex coaching for couples, throuples and individuals who are LGBTQIA2S+, poly/ENM, or kinky. Angel is a certified sex coach, and specializes in communication skills, healthy boundary setting, and sexual empowerment.

Edmonton, AB

Hair Salon

10108A - 124 Street

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 9.51.01 AM.png

Edmonton, AB

Base Salon encourages an environment to organize opinions and support ideas about breaking down walls. Base Salon + Supply carries the full product-list of Davines and Kevin Murphy, two leading haircare brands in the ethical/ environmentally aware haircare space. Base Salon represents the singular visual style of elevated avant-garde. To prioritize  healthy hair that has a lot of styling potential. The products of Base range from in-salon treatments that are very corrective for a damaged scalp to take-home treatments used to protect the hair after a style heavy shoot or event. Permanent 35% discount on all salon hair products for all SWers.


Chloe Larmand


Hey, I’m Chloe! I practice massage therapy and craniosacral therapy from my home in downtown Edmonton. I have a bit of a unique approach to how I treat the body. I believe when you are on the table, YOU are in charge. I believe that you are the one actually doing the work, and that I am just facilitating your dedication, and holding space for you. I believe that my clients show up because they have agency, motivation and are willing to do what their body needs in order to feel better. I have been helping others in this way for almost 14 years, with a lot of peripheral trainings like YTT, energetic/emotional release, myofascial cupping and much more. Please email for rates.

Edmonton, AB

Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Marc is a veteran in the graphic design field, with over 20 years experience. During that time, he has branded hundreds of local businesses and organizations, was an instructor at MacEwan University, and founded the award winning graphic design & illustration studio El Designo. Marc's clean bright illustration style has been used by publications throughout Canada, his illustrations sell in boutiques from Vancouver to Toronto and his corporate clients span Canada & the United States.

Edmonton, AB