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Sex Worker Ally Directory

Welcome to our public directory of vetted professionals to ensure a safer space for sex workers to receive services in a welcoming and non-judgemental way. We also have an internal directory so please inquire by emailing to see the full directory. 

Are you a professional looking to join our Ally Directory? Allies are an incredibly important and valuable addition to our community, providing fundamental support for our organization. If you are based in or around Calgary, please begin by completing our application form. For professionals in other regions of Alberta, we invite you to fill out our application form as well. However, please be aware that updates to our Ally Directory will be infrequent for the foreseeable future due to staff reductions resulting from insufficient funding. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

To ensure a respectful and informed interaction with members of our community, we require individuals without experience or unbiased education in the sex industry to complete our 'Sex Work is Work Bias Prevention Training' before being listed in our directory. If you believe you qualify for an exemption, please contact us to discuss your circumstances.



Online Counselling and Art Therapy, RCAT

Registered Canadian Art Therapist, Nikki Featherstone, holds space for you while guiding you through important life and internal events. Art therapy counselling is an effective therapy for all types of people looking for pathways to mental health and wellness. Her therapeutic approach is: feminist, anti-oppressive, person-centered, spiritually integrated, and trauma informed. Special populations: women, femme identified humans, SWs, queer, 2SLGBTQ+, poly/non-monogamous couples & families; minority faith groups (i.e. paganism, eclectic spiritual faith traditions, etc.)

Hay Lakes, AB


Registered psychologist

Everyone's journey is unique, therefore requires a unique and custom approach. It is my honour to help in your journey if you allow me to do so. We walk through where you'd like to be and come up with a plan on how to get you to that destination. I provide a safe space for you to find what works for you to grow and change. My goal is to empower you with tools to help you continue that growth far past the therapy office. Offers sliding scale fee to those without insurance.

Edmonton, AB


Social Worker/Therapist, RSW, MSW, MA, EMDR

In-person and virtually

Welcome, I am Keltie! I am trauma informed therapist who is passionate about working collaboratively with individuals seeking new and authentic ways to heal and thrive. You can expect humour, warmth, and transparency from me, as well as tailored sessions around your goals, needs, and comfort. I work holistically, employing intersectional feminist and anti-oppressive values to explore new perspectives to address our daily challenges. Sessions with me can include: processing difficult or challenging life experiences, exploring identity, identify values, and setting or define boundaries with both self and others. Let’s explore together!

Edmonton, AB


Online Art Therapy, DKATI

I am a professional Clinical Art Therapist, mixed media artist, and mother of three grown children. I bring the ideals of empowerment, empathy and compassion into all of my work. I work within a feminist framework, believing wholeheartedly that we are all valuable members of our community and should be treated with respect and non-judgement. The focus of my art therapy practice is positive art therapy which builds on the principles of positive psychology. I consider myself to be an ally of those in the sex work profession having conducted art therapy with women who have been sex workers. Positive art therapy has made it easier to develop a sense of self through the exploration of personal strengths thereby empowering women to work through deep rooted life challenges.

Calgary, AB


Art Therapy, BA, DKATI

I am a Métis woman and professionally trained Art Therapist practicing in Calgary, AB. I work from an Indigenous and relational lens, often integrating traditional healing ways and art forms into the sessions, such as using storytelling, beadwork, smudging, and even attending ceremony with my clients. I strive to create safe and sacred space for all peoples to heal and grow.

Calgary, AB


Art Therapy, MA-AT, CCC

"When words are not enough to express how we feel, we make art". 
Art Therapy is a mental health service that helps clients express themselves through the art making process. Your Art Therapist Jenn, will help guide you through your healing session. Each session is tailor made for the clients unique and individual needs. Jenn works to ensure that each client feels heard, seen, validated and supported. No prior art skills are required.

Calgary, AB


Certified Canadian Counselor

I work closely with individuals who have endured trauma and live with addictions, ADHD, personality disorders, anxiety, and depression. I can meet you where you feel comfortable; café, library, home, and a park. Your comfort is of the utmost importance My work is actively seeking to engage in anti-racist, decolonized, 2SLGBTQ+ affirming, and harm reduction approaches to better work with all those in our community.

Edmonton, AB

Untitled design.png

Counseling, Life Coaching, and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Equinox Therapeutic specializes in providing mental health support to individuals who feel stuck in patterns. Whether it's because of traumatic past experiences or current coping mechanisms that are no longer functional for you, our work focuses on helping to untangle these webs, supporting the "real you" into a place of greater clarity, health, and potential.

Edmonton, AB

RJL headshot.JPG

Online Counseling, MA, MC, CCC

I'm a counsellor and public educator with a decade of experience supporting marginalized populations and a specialty in complex trauma. I am an abolitionist who uses systemic, person-centred/humanistic, somatic, solutions-focused, and feminist therapies and an advanced level student of Somatic Experiencing. You can expect me to ask you many "how" questions and crack the odd joke with you about your tried, tested, and true coping strategies.

Calgary, AB



Life is complicated, and it helps to have someone be there for you. I am passionate about working with individuals navigating difficult topics such as relationships, life transitions, trauma, self-confidence, careers, and more. I have two years experience supporting sex workers and am not afraid to work through challenging stuff. I think it is important for healing that you feel accepted and understood, and this is what I aim to provide in our work together.

Edmonton, AB

Jilynne 3 (1).jpg

Registered Provisional Psychologist

I am a sex positive therapist who aims to break the silence, shame, and stigma that surrounds sexuality. My approach is relational, meaning that I believe the process of change is enhanced by the quality of the relationship formed in therapy. I specialize in anxiety, depression, anger, and finding meaning in life.

Edmonton, AB

Life Coach


Counselling, Life coaching, Art and music therapy

I am a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor (CMHA) who specializes in mental health support, Psychological First Aid, life coaching, and music therapy. I offer a safe, compassionate space for individuals to freely express themselves, utilizing various modalities to create therapeutic environments and access resources. I am able to meet clients in a public or private setting, except for music therapy sessions, which are provided in-studio.

Edmonton, AB


Life coaching and Art Therapy

A Passionista with a love for others. I am a social worker, divorced Homestay mom that has a big love of life. I have had difficulties with setting boundaries to live this passionately. I worked on a method called Passionista Rules to help with this and love to help others. I have friends that are sex workers, have spun the pole myself and love the passion and talent these ladies have❣️

Perks: 30% off for sex workers  

Edmonton, AB


Angel Sumka they|them

Life Coaching, Certified Sex Coach

Angel offers sex coaching for couples, throuples and individuals who are LGBTQIA2S+, poly/ENM, or kinky. Angel is a certified sex coach, and specializes in communication skills, healthy boundary setting, and sexual empowerment.

Edmonton, AB

Legal Assistance


Legal Services

Nerissa Young is the Principal Lawyer at Young Law Chambers. She carries on a General Practice where she finds joy in diversity, which includes being a mediator. She is an ambitious and tenacious lawyer with the goal of practicing law differently. She believes in providing quality advice, excellent service and giving back to the community. She understands that hiring a lawyer can be intimidating but once you speak with her you will not only feel heard but confident you are in good hands. Her practice areas include Business and Non-Profit, Mediation/Mediator, Immigration, Real Estate, Wills and Estates, Employment, Professional Regulatory, and Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship.

Edmonton, AB

Headshoot for social media 2020.JPG

Legal Services

Our office is all-female lawyers providing services in all areas of criminal law - for accused persons and witnesses/complainants. Danielle is trained in trauma informed interviewing and represents complainants testifying in sexual assault trials. We offer a free 30 minute consultation on most matters and payment plans for those who do not qualify for Legal Aid. 

Edmonton, AB



Brandy Harker she/her

I am an RMT with an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma. I have a genuine passion for helping my clients heal through clinical massage techniques. I am very sensitive to the diverse needs of my clients. And every consideration is made to ensure their comfort. For more information please visit my FB and IG page.

Perks: offers direct billing with ANSWERS. Please sign-up by filling out this form.

Sherwood Park, AB

Breanne Price she/her

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 11.05.42 PM.png

Hello, I'm Breanne. I've been practicing Massage Therapy since 2010. I practice from my home in the King Edward Park Community. I would describe my treatment style as therapeutic; a massage that varies in pressure and techniques based on the client's treatment goals. I also offer cupping. I strive to create a space that’s warm, inclusive and safe. I love being the best part of everyone’s day through massage. Please email me for more information.

Edmonton, AB

Chloe Larmand


Hey, I’m Chloe! I practice massage therapy and craniosacral therapy from my home in downtown Edmonton. I have a bit of a unique approach to how I treat the body. I believe when you are on the table, YOU are in charge. I believe that you are the one actually doing the work, and that I am just facilitating your dedication, and holding space for you. I believe that my clients show up because they have agency, motivation and are willing to do what their body needs in order to feel better. I have been helping others in this way for almost 14 years, with a lot of peripheral trainings like YTT, energetic/emotional release, myofascial cupping and much more. Please email for rates.

Edmonton, AB

Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Marc is a veteran in the graphic design field, with over 20 years experience. During that time, he has branded hundreds of local businesses and organizations, was an instructor at MacEwan University, and founded the award winning graphic design & illustration studio El Designo. Marc's clean bright illustration style has been used by publications throughout Canada, his illustrations sell in boutiques from Vancouver to Toronto and his corporate clients span Canada & the United States.

Edmonton, AB

Health and Safety

Fitness and Dance Studios


Music therapy, life coaching, art therapy

VĪV Mental Health offers free, primary access to mental health resources based on individual needs and budget. We also offer music therapy, mental health coaching, training, and education.

Edmonton, AB


Sexual assault centre

A non-profit organization working to support the healing and empowerment of those who have been affected by sexual violence. We offer counselling services, specialized police and court support and education.

Sherwood Park, AB


Sexual health education

Ann Sinyard is a sexual health educator in Edmonton whose work is centered on accessible, sex-positive education for all. She integrates compassion, gender/cultural-inclusivity, and functional awareness into all aspects of her work, and is unafraid of answering tough questions surrounding consent, intimacy, and safety—particularly given her experience as a sexual health consultant at With Consent. Her goal is to better equipped folks to make informed decisions about their individual sexual health and wellness.

Edmonton, AB

WP logo_edited.jpg

Support and Advocacy from a Harm Reduction Perspective

Turning Point provides community-based support and advocacy for health, legal, financial, social, and cultural matters from a harm reduction perspective. Their expertise in service delivery to marginalized populations, including those who use substances and the LGBTQIA2S+ community, includes resources such as outreach workers to assist with support and advocacy, peer-led support groups, and PPE supplies. Turning Point has experience working with both male and female sex workers, and providing support for pregnant women throughout and after pregnancy.

Red Deer, AB

Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 1.36.56 PM.png

Sexual Assault Centre

The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) exists to support people impacted by sexual violence and engage communities to promote respect and uphold a culture of consent. SACE provides an extensive range of support services for people who experience sexual violence, including crisis support, counselling, police and court support, and advocacy, and fosters prevention of sexual violence through direct public education and advisory consultation with groups and agencies undertaking their own prevention efforts.

Edmonton, AB

Hair Salon

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 9.51.01 AM.png

10108A - 124 Street

Base Salon encourages an environment to organize opinions and support ideas about breaking down walls. Base Salon + Supply carries the full product-list of Davines and Kevin Murphy, two leading haircare brands in the ethical/ environmentally aware haircare space. Base Salon represents the singular visual style of elevated avant-garde. To prioritize  healthy hair that has a lot of styling potential. The products of Base range from in-salon treatments that are very corrective for a damaged scalp to take-home treatments used to protect the hair after a style heavy shoot or event. Permanent 35% discount on all salon hair products for all SWers.

Edmonton, AB

Media Services


Photo and Promo Media Services for Entertainers and Industry Workers

Studio NOVA shoots are individual to each client. From seasoned models and dancers, to the industry newbie, you are gently led through the guided posing experience by a professional photographer who identifies as an online sex worker/content creator. NOVA cultivates an environment where the client feels comfortable in their own body, and empowered by the art that they make. Some shoot for content purposes, but also for personal enjoyment and respite. The owner of  Studio NOVA, Tenille, has experience shooting and printing promos for strippers, and Tenille is a dancer herself. NOVA maintains an in-studio pole for anyone needing that style of promo. SWers receive double the images when booking with Studio NOVA.

Calgary, AB

Pole Fitness

CEAPAC LOGO Mini Black-01.jpg

CEAPAC is non-profit pole/dance/movement space. We strive to provide a non-judgemental training environment for all with the acknowledgement that our industry has been built on the work of sex workers. Our ultimate goal is to work collaboratively with other communities to foster an inclusive and welcoming space. We hope to accomplish this by removing barriers to entry that may prevent members of marginalized groups from participating in these activities.

Edmonton, AB

Pet Services

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 11.16.30 PM.png

Hey there, Im Breanne, a certified Fear Free Pet Service Provider. I am continually

educating myself on canine and feline behaviour. I advocate for humane, fear free and

evidence informed treatment. My dog walking style puts an emphasis on enrichment

and positive mental stimulation. This type of walking is known as a decompression

walk. DW’s serve as vital stress relief and can facilitate improvements in a dog’s

behaviour health. You can feel good about hiring me to care for your companion. I am

professional, reliable and punctual. I will treat your pet as if they are my own, and if you

were to ask my fur babies, they’d say that’s pretty paw-some!

Edmonton, AB

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