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2023 Nomination Committee Report

Recommendations for the President Position: Tara


The Nominating Committee is honored to recommend Tara for the position of President of ANSWERS. Tara's track record within our organization speaks volumes about her dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to our mission and purpose. We believe that her ongoing leadership will be of most benefit to the organization. Tara has not only served as the Vice-President but also possesses an impressive array of qualifications and training, making her an exemplary candidate for the role:


  • Rehabilitation Practitioner: Tara's educational background in Rehabilitation Practitioner Service Work, obtained at Red Deer College in 2005, provides her with a strong foundation in a relevant field.

  • First Responder to Sexual Assault: Her certification as a First Responder to Sexual Assault in 2022 reflects her dedication to addressing crucial issues and providing support to those in need.

  • Safer Sex Supplies: Tara's involvement with Safer Sex Supplies demonstrates her practical engagement in promoting community health and well-being.

  • Comprehensive Training: Tara's training extends to a wide range of areas, including Suicide Awareness Training, Opioid Kit Training, Indigenous Training, First Aid/CPR, and many more, showcasing her commitment to equipping herself with the knowledge and skills necessary to address diverse challenges.

  • Leadership Development: Completion of leadership courses offered by the Government of Alberta underscores her capacity to guide and manage within our organization effectively.

  • Ethical Standards: Tara's understanding of the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, as provided by the Government of Alberta, reflects her commitment to upholding ethical standards in her role.


Tara's extensive background in community service, dedication to learning, and her unique contributions within the organization make her an ideal candidate for the role of President. We enthusiastically endorse her continued leadership, believing it will be instrumental in steering ANSWERS towards a promising future.


Recommendation for Treasurer Position: Sophie


We are pleased to nominate Sophie to continue serving as the Treasurer of ANSWERS. Sophie has been an invaluable asset to our organization, showcasing an exceptional dedication to our mission, purpose and financial health. Here, we highlight some of Sophie's notable contributions and experience:


  • Co-Founder and Executive Director: Sophie is one of the co-founders of our organization and has served as our Executive Director for nearly two years. This demonstrates a strong dedication to our mission and a profound understanding of our organization's purpose.

  • Grant Management: Sophie has played a pivotal role in overseeing a substantial portfolio of grants, totaling over $600,000. Her diligent work has ensured that all these grants are in good standing, which is a testament to her financial acumen and accountability.

  • Continuous Personal Development: Sophie is committed to personal growth and professional development. She has invested her time in several pertinent courses, including the 'Alberta Board Member Essentials,' which reflects her commitment to governance excellence.

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Sophie has actively engaged in courses related to equity, diversion, and inclusion. Her participation in sessions such as 'Intersectionality,' 'Allyship, Solidarity & Inclusive Partnerships,' and 'Accessibility' underlines her dedication to promoting an inclusive and diverse community.

  • Policy and Bylaws Expertise: Sophie has attended workshops that have equipped her with a deeper understanding of policy-making and bylaws. This knowledge is invaluable for the committee's governance and compliance.

  • Media Relations: Sophie has also extended her expertise to the realm of media relations, attending the 'ECVO Media Relations' course. Her proficiency in this area will contribute to enhancing our organization's public image.


In conclusion, Sophie stands out as a nominee who brings a wealth of experience, financial success, and a commitment to personal development to the role of Treasurer. Her significant consistent contributions to our organization make her an exemplary candidate for this position. 


Secretary Position seeking nominations


Currently, the position of Secretary on our Board of Directors remains vacant, and it is important that we find the right individual to take on this role.


The Secretary holds a unique and vital role in maintaining the operational backbone of our organization. This individual is responsible for organizing and recording meetings, documenting key decisions, and ensuring the seamless flow of communication within the board. With their attention to detail and organizational skills, they keep our administrative board running smoothly.


We seek a candidate with experience in a secretary role on a board or a background in nonprofit work. Such experience brings a good understanding of governance, compliance, and the specific needs of a nonprofit organization like ours. This expertise is valuable for ensuring that our organization adheres to regulations and maintains its nonprofit status.


Given that our organization relies heavily on volunteers and board members to fulfill our mission, we seek an individual who is passionate about our community and committed to ANSWERS purpose. 


The role of Secretary may not always be in the spotlight, but its importance in the smooth operation of the board and the organization cannot be overstated. 


We invite candidates who share our team’s dedication to ANSWERS and who are eager to contribute their expertise to our administrative and operational board. If you or someone you know possesses the qualifications and enthusiasm for this role, please consider joining us in making a meaningful impact through ANSWERS. The board application can be found here.


Recommendations for Continuing Directors:

The Nominating Committee also recommends that the following current Board Members continue their service as Directors:


  • Mars 

  • Andrew 

  • Celena 

  • Sarah

  • Joy

These individuals have shown dedication, commitment, and valuable contributions to our organization. Their continued involvement will ensure continuity and expertise within the Board of Directors. 


Nominees for Consideration:

In addition to the recommendations above, the Nominating Committee invites members to propose candidates who are appropriately vetted and qualified for positions on the Board of Directors. We welcome nominations from our dedicated membership and encourage diversity in representation to strengthen our organization's leadership.


As per our organization's bylaws, any member interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors or proposing a nominee should submit their nomination in writing to the Nominating Committee at least 21 days before the AGM. This will allow us to properly vet and evaluate all nominees. The board application can be found here.


We look forward to a successful AGM where we can collectively shape the future of ANSWERS. Your active participation and engagement in the nomination and election process are essential to our continued success.


If you have any questions or would like to submit a nomination, please contact the Nominating Committee at

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