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02 Workshop: Speaking Loud and Proud

December 7th

3:30-6:30 MST

Part 1: 

Learn how to develop your public speaking skills by getting comfortable with the unknown. Joey will help give tips and tricks on how to get comfortable speaking to crowds - keeping your heart steady and your mind focused. We will also teach you how to use improv skills when managing anxiety, speaking to crowds, as well as, navigating situations and individuals. 

Part 2: 

Have you always wanted to start a podcast? Want to learn how to tell a story? Kristopher will guide us through the basics of how to get started, tips and tricks, and how to fight that inevitable imposter syndrome. Take the opportunity to think about your future story telling and hear from other sex worker led podcasters!  


03 Workshop: Make Me Marketable

January 18th 2023

3:30-6:00pm MST

Hear from the expert herself!


In this workshop, Jade will guide participants through the process of setting up their online accounts for success, setting smart goals, marketing themselves, and setting up a solid foundation to grow their online business. 

Presenter Bio: 


Jade Malone is a professional photographer, social media influencer, women’s rights activist and Adult Content business coach. After experiencing a violent sexual assault that led to a 6 week struggle with homelessness, Jade leveraged her skills as a boudoir photographer to catapult herself out of poverty and end the cycle of abuse. Now, Jade works to educate sex workers on how they can empower themselves by increasing their earnings online, stay safer, and build passive income streams. 

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04 Workshop: History of Sex Work

January TBD 2023

Coming Soon!

Photo from the Maurice Lemieux Collection


05 Workshop: Sex Work for Beginners 

February 6th 2023

4:30-7:30 MST

Whether you are new to sex work or a seasoned veteran looking for a refresher, this workshop brings everyone back to basics. 


Part 1: 

From allergies, options and fun things for everyone to play with, learn about sex toys 101 with the Traveling Tickle Trunk experts! 


Part 2: 

Then hear from sex work aficionados Velvet Steele and Sultry Miss Em about their experience vetting clients, terminology, marketing to clients, fighting the stigma and creating safe open dialogue with family and friends. Learn all about their fav products, life hacks and more! 

Photo from the Maurice Lemieux Collection

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Adulting 101.jpg

06 Workshop: Adulting 101 

March TBD 2023

Coming Soon!