Exotic Dancer, Body Rub Pracitioner and Escort Licencing Assistance



Exotic Dancer, Body Rub Licence and Escort Licence - City of Edmonton


Often people reach out because they have been involved in sex work but they are unaware of the correct process for getting licenced in the City of Edmonton.  


Why Get a Licence?


Getting a licence is the beginning of your journey in what should become a source of revenue as you begin to advertise your services.  The licence lets the City of Edmonton know that you want to be taken seriously as an independent worker and you can begin to take advantage of resources that could pave the way for a future that could help you gain credit as you pay your bills.  With credit you can eventually buy a car or a home.  Nothing is easy but this is a  good first step.  Your information will be kept on a secure server and will not be shared with the public.


Advocacy is Good Karma!


Volunteering for ANSWERS not only makes you feel good as you pay forward any benefits you might receive, it also is good karma.  The only expense for getting a body rub practitioner or escort  licence is $76 and ANSWERS may be able to help with that. When you apply to volunteer we will send you a letter to present to the Police Security Clearance Section located at 108, 14315 118 Avenue Edmonton. You can also apply online by clicking here.


Apply for support and let us know you need licencing assistance and that you would like to volunteer for Answer Society.  We will give you a letter that will introduce you as someone wishing to volunteer for ANSWERS which will reduce the price of the clearance to $15 as we are a non-profit organization.  If you struggle to pay the $15 after we have given you the Volunteer letter, please email treasurer@answersociety.org and we will send you an e-transfer. Please send the Tritan Receipt when you've paid so we can put it in our files. 


The City of Edmonton Licencing Division will accept this clearance when you renew or apply for your licence.  Your licence will not contain personal information. All volunteers automatically become a non-voting member of ANSWERS.  At your leisure and when the time is right for you, you may wish to upgrade your membership with us.


IF this is your first time getting an exotic dancer, body rub practitioner or escort licence, follow the steps below:


Step One


Exotic Dancers can go to Step Two (below).  Body Rub Practitioners and Escorts need to take the course.  The course is designed to help you navigate through your rights and your responsibilities, will discuss personal safety issues you should be aware of and offer resources that may be of interest to you..



Click on the above link, scroll down on the page and sign up for the course.  Pick a day that works for you and wait for the invitation.


Step Two


Get your security clearance.  Click on the link and then follow the steps.   If you have a clear record you will have the clearance in just a few days.  If there is a criminal conviction or criminal charge it may take longer but it will likely not affect your ability to get a licence - it will just take longer.


Step Three 


You can get an exotic dancer, body rub practitioner licence or an escort licence for free. Here you can access the application (download and print) for the exotic dancer, body rub practitioner's application or the independent escort licence, print it, snap a photo and send it to businesslicenceapplications@edmonton.ca


Print and fill out the application.  If you don’t know the answer to a question, leave it blank.  There is a printer available at the respite space on Whyte avenue if you don't a have printer to print the application.  Contact info@answersociety.org for the address and a good time to pick up the application.


Step Four


Send a picture of the filled out application, the police security clearance, a picture of your face (selfie) and a copy of your driver’s licence to businesslicenceapplications@edmonton.ca 


The licence will be sent digitally a few days after you apply! If you are getting a body rub practioner licence, you should know that it is universal and allows you to work at any body rub center in Edmonton. As an independent escort you will be free to practice your work anywhere except in your home and in body rub centers.  Currently the City of Edmonton does not condone working out of residential dwellings because of personal safety issues and therefore does not licence such.


If you need help with any of these steps please feel free to reach out to us info@answersociety.org and we would be more than happy to assist you in completing this application.