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Past Events


Town Hall 01, 02, 03
Sept - November 2022

With 36 people in attendance, our virtual Town Halls in English and French, resulted in a wonderful night of community building and idea gathering for future workshops, collaboration and the conference in May 2023. 


November-March 2022-23

Finances 101 - Nov 28th 2022​ 

Speaking Loud and Proud - Dec 7th 2022

Make Me Marketable - Jan 18th 2023

History of Sex Work - Jan 31st 2023

Sex Work for Beginners - Feb 6th 2023

Adulting 101 - March 21st

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 10.07.26 AM.png

Networking Sessions

Two virtual networking sessions to help form a network for personal and professional supports through sex workers and community groups.

16 people attended. 

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